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August 14, 2007


A. Wood

I'm excited about the new design, and hope to see the coming soon, and new releases added back. Currently you have a new and notable section which includes old releases, but I like to see what is just released only as you used to have. Thank you for your efforts.

Dave Strymish

Thank you for your comment.
You will see a much improved drill down by publication date.
Its just not done yet, also as far as the New Releases we are having some technical issues on the search and
its keeping us from properly showing some new releases.
It will all be fixed shortly.

Robert Tyndall


I absolutley love the new site.

I do have a problem. I am an affiliate and the affilaite log in is no longer available.

Do I need a new account?

Cookie Jill

Terrific new site! Thank you!



Love the new site! It would be really spiffy if a "view all" option could be added!


John Bagnall

I would like to order a few books from you, the only problem is that I live in the UK. Can you suggest some way ?

Father Steve

One wonders how much longer we will need to patient about the "wish list" function which is (and has been for a while) "under construction."


Is there a way I can view past emailed newsletters? There was a recent one which had award nominees which featured boos that were not publishe in the US as of yet. I am interested in these books.

Thank you so much!

Susan Gainen

Do you pay a license fee to use the photographs of cookbooks on the Jessica's Biscuit site? I am about to launch a site for my cooking school (susan-cooks) and it seemed right to use photographs of some of my 807 cookbooks in some of the pages. For example, I want to line up a group of baking books for the "Baking for fun!" class.

Thanks for letting me know.

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